Do We Misunderstand Islam?

22 Dec

Here are my thoughts:

In fact the Qur’an IS the literal word of God and it SHOULD be taken literally. In fact you will find that if you read the Qur’an you will not find anything so controversial, it is rather when you read anything out of the word of man, whether it be scholars, imams etc. 

Secondly, there are MANY MANY countries which are Muslim which DO have peaceful governments: Many countries in Africa like Tanzania, Senegal, Morocco, Kenya etc etc. and others in the Middle East and Asia.

Shari’ah law is NOT like Canadians think. Even there is a hadith where a woman confesses adultery to the Prophet (pbuh) while she is married; the punishment is death. However, the Prophet (pbuh) tells her to leave, it is okay. **Will provide proof.** Also one needs FOUR witnesses to confirm adultery. FOUR! This means a woman is scandalous and is a known ‘threat’ to the fabric of society. One must remember that these laws were implemented where there was no ‘GOVERNMENT’ with limitless power rather in a group of people who needed a form of governance. Government and governance are two different things. 

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