Message to Non-Muslims

22 Dec


We draw peoples hearts towards Islam through kindness, love and forgiveness, the way the Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us. We don’t need to force people to convert because then that would mean they don’t really believe it from their heart and it would be meaningless. The MILLIONS of brothers and sisters who are out there helping to promote Islam understand very clearly that we don’t have the power to turn peoples hearts towards Islam, only God has the power to do that and our duty is only to help spread knowledge and try to be the BEST example of a Muslim we can be, with great character and a positive attitude. Nowhere in the Quran does God say to, “kill christians or jews or anyone if they don’t convert.” The only statement close to that line is where God gives people permission to defend themselves if they are attacked unjustly in war. That is only fair and common sense. The 99.99% of Muslims, including those whom we all lived and went to schools with, also understand this very clearly and the .01% that are “extreme,” and causing terror, Muslims are standing against them and will even fight them if they try to cause harm to innocent people, whether muslims or non-muslims, because that is not part of our religion. 

Unfortunately there will always be evil but Gods message of peace will never change, that is the right religion, clear and straight. That is why despite all the negativity surrounding Islam, it is now the FASTEST growing religion in the world, soon to be #1. Do you think all these people are converting to become terrorists…? I understand we need proof so all we need to do is go on Youtube and listen to the THOUSANDS of people who are converting, uploading these videos and trying to help people understand….people from all over the WORLD! White, blacks, russians, chinese, spanish! LISTEN to these people because they are pouring their hearts out…and the truth comes straight from the heart. Again, God is just as GREAT and Merciful as we imagine Him to be and the test of this life is to find your way to Him. Its actually quite simple and its right in front of our face…we just need to trust our heart and use our own intelligence…..May God open the eyes of all the people around the world so that they can see the truth more clearly, ameen.


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