Women’s Rights in Islam

30 Dec

TRUE islam shows real rights for women, especially for 1,400 years ago. the Qur’an is the legitimate word of God and its worth a read if you want to understand what islam really is. you cant judge a religion because of its practicers, or sects who have interpretations. you have to only look at the text and judge it for yourself. that’s the only way to understand islam. i am a revert. i reverted after reading the Noble Qur’an.  first of all the Qur’an is the continuation of A) Torah and B) Gospel. We accept all the same prophets from Adam (pbuh) to Jesus (pbuh) + Mohammad (pbuh). now, the Qur’an and the Bible and the Tanakh then share a lot in common, but they change in a sense. Each one is different. They all came at a different time and to a different people. The Qur’an came in a time to the Arabs from the angel Gabriel and in terms of women’s rights, which is what were addressing, women have huge 

rights compared to earlier religions (Judaism and Christianity). i wont go into comparative right now however in Islam women are entitled to:
1) Mahr (protection if divorced, usually a sum of $$)
2) A 3 month waiting time where couple is hoped to reunite where wife is being supported financially
4) Custody of children
5) The right to remarry
6) The right to INHERITANCE
7) Bridal gift kind of like dowry
8) THE RIGHT TO BEAR WITNESS (2=1 man), but compared to Christianity where women couldn’t witness. Plus taken in Qur’anic context this verse was revealed when discussing finances. In situations where the issues involve women women can testify. Also if it is husband vs wife regarding adultery they can each swear as equals. And they say May Allah swt punish me if I am lying.

9) The right to work

10) Equal sight under God. Equal chance in the Hereafter.

11) Women were made from rib o fman but not ‘under’ man, we were made as companions. In fact the creation of women is beautiful in the Quran:

O mankind! Verily We have created you from a single (pair) of

     a male and a female,m and made you into nations and tribes

     that you may know each other… (Qur’an, 49:13


And their Lord has accepted (their prayers) and answered them
     (saying): 'Never will I cause to be lost the work of any of
     you, be he male or female; you are members, one of another...

“It is He Who created you from a single person, and made his mate of like nature, in order that he might dwell with her in love” (7:189).



Something else you should read is the Sunnah: the way of life of the Prophet pbuh. Women in his time participated in wars, in nursing, in teaching Qur’an and memorizing hadiths (The Prophet’s pbuh’s words), In business, in schools etc etc. Did you know that in most Arab countries the university population is 60% or more female. 



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