Praying for Someone Whose Name You Forgot

20 Jan
He wants to perform Hajj for some People but he does not know some of their Names

I have about four people who have died among my uncles and grandparents. Some of them are men and some are women, but I do not know some of their names. I want to send someone to perform Hajj for each of them from my own personal money.


If the matter is like what has been mentioned, then whoeverýs name you know from the women and men, there is no problem. Whoeverýs name you do not know, it is permissible for you to make intentions for the men and women from the paternal and maternal uncles and aunts according to the arrangement of their ages and descriptions. The intention is sufficient in that, even if you do not know the name. And success is from Allah. May Allah send blessing and peace upon our Prophet, his family and his companions. 


Permanent Committee for Research and Verdicts

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