Real World: Bothering Hijabis

2 Feb

Why do people think they can say anything they want to hijabis? Why do they think we’ll walk away and they’ll get away with it? I pick my battles-some I’ll walk away from, but there are a few I’ll ‘fight’. 

Yesterday in the mall a girl in front of all her friends puts on this weird manly voice and goes, “YOU WANT SOME CANDY?” I’m in shock-there’s no way this girl is talking to me. But oh, she is. Out of everybody in the mall…she picks me. This one I ‘fought’. “Are you talking to me? Yeah don’t talk to me thanks.”

TODAY my friend and I (also a hijabi) are waiting to cross the street and who should approach us but a grown man asking us: “Do you girls like to have @#%?” Um…..REALLY? No…really?? Would you ask ANY girl that kind of question? Let alone two covered girls? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? Needless to say I didn’t fight this one. I grabbed my friend and quickly crossed the street the other way. Like….I’m getting tired of this….this happens to me every day: Men letting women on the bus ahead of them until it’s my turn, rude questions and comments…etc etc My friend wears niqab and says no one will sit next to her on the bus even if it’s packed!

What should we do? What CAN we do?

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