Islamic Story: The Lion

1 Mar

A cool myth:
A valiant pious Muslim went to Napoleon Bonaparte, (after the latter invaded Egypt in the 18th century) and told him, “You’re not a just ruler.” According to Al Awadhi, Bonaparte was angry and ordered jailing the man in a small cell, and asked his soldiers to bring a hungry lion and release it into the cell. They did so. The following day, the soldiers opened the cell and were astounded. The man was still alive; he was sitting on one end of the room and the lion on the other end.

The soldiers asked the man, “What happened? Why didn’t the lion devour you?” The man looked at them with a triumphant smile and said, “I was praying as you released the lion into the cell. Allah prevented the lion from coming close to me.” Then they asked him, “Weren’t you scared?” “Actually I was only afraid that it (lion) would tarnish my ablution. That is all,” the man said.


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