Jess Rhodes

3 Mar
Do you remember a girl name Jess Rhodes who started to wear Hijab in response to World Hijab Day 8 days ago? She just updated the following on her FB status:

“To all my friends who have been in my life and supported me, I have something to tell you. As you know, I have been wearing the hijab for 8 days now and have been reading the Quran for about 3 or 4 days. It has brought me peace and a sense of belonging, and therefore I wanted you to be the first to know that at some stage in the near future, I will be converting to Islam and living my life as a Muslim.”

P.S. In her interview with Catrin Nye from BBC, Jess said she didn’t think Islam was for her. After much soul-searching, however, she has realised that Islam is in fact for her and will be reverting as soon as she can, insha’Allah.

Keep her in your prayer/dua’a.

How World Hijab Day has impacted your view on Islam? Jess Rhodes answers:”World Hijab Day has taught me that my stereotypical views of Muslim women are not realistic at all. Muslim women are liberated, free and able to go about their lives without being stared at or wolf-whistled at in the street. People are respectful, friendly and helpful to you, and they make you feel like you are a worthy member of society. Of course you get the narrow-minded people who do not want to understand, but that is to be expected.

My new-found knowledge of Islam and the Quran has brought me a sense of peace, friendship, community and love. I have Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world who are more than happy to help me learn more about my new faith, although they can sometimes be a little too enthusiastic! I love Islam and whilst I’m going to follow it in my own way, I am glad that I found it.

Would you want others to get involved in World Hijab Day and why?

Yes, I would and they should get involved because it will teach them more about themselves than anything else ever could.”


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