Sheikh al-Al-Lamah: Muhammad Al-Bakkali

3 Mar

*He passed away last Monday (07.01.2013), but who was he?

*If he had been some famous singer or footballer, all the medias would report his death.

*This did not happen, since it was not of such people who disrupt corporate morale, was not a singer, nor a top model.

*Who is this old man than???

*This is Shaykh al-Al-lamah: Muhammed Al-BAKKALI, one of the greatest Muhaddithins (One who knows all the sayings of Muhammad hadith by heart – or at least 200 thousand hadiths are needed to get this title) in the world. He is from the city of Tanger-Morocco. From this famous hadith scholar learned and graduated more than 1000 scholars of hadith, from Morocco and outside Morocco. He lived 100 years.

*If you read this, please Share this post and dont forget to make dua for this great scholar. May Allah reward him for his great work (Courtesy : ”way to jannah”)


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