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I’m Jealous of Hijab

17 Apr

The Passion of the Christ predicting the coming of the Prophet Muhammad saw

31 Mar

Nobel Peace Prize 2011

15 Mar

Defend the Niqab

1 Mar

Malaysian Niqabi

29 Feb

Have We Forgotten?

16 Feb

Have we forgotten the love Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam had for this ummah?

*Have we forgotten the love Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam had for you and I?

*Have we forgotten the favours and bounties we were blessed with because of Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi 

*Have we forgotten the wounds inflicted by Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam because of you 
and I?

*Have we forgotten the tears that rolled down and that were shed by Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam for this ummah?

*Today we have forgotten and have neglected the teachings of Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam. Today we have no value and we neglect the rights of Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam. 

*Did he SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam ever neglect us? Did he SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam ever once forget this ummah?



16 Feb

Actually, life did come withan instruction manual. Its called the Qur’an.

“Dont tell Allah swt how great your storm is, tell your storm how great Allah swt is.”

Ibn Taymiyyah: Dhikr is to the heart as water is to a {{fish;}} see what happens to a fish when it is taken out of water?

“You marry one another with the intention that; I will try to bring this person to Paradise with me” ~ Sheikh Usama Abdul Ghani