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Young Inspirational Girl on Hijab

20 Dec

The woman asking questions is sooo dumb. If you’re an intelligent young woman why would you wear that? REALLY? THAT’S her question?

Lauren Booth on Hijab

18 Dec


Subhanallah. Imagine, a British activist in the political sphere coming to Islam. Allahu akbar; Islam is the religion for all of mankind.

(Francais) Jewish father defends daughters right to wear hijab in France

17 Dec

Hijab Poem-Sister Nadya

17 Dec

I am a Muslim girl
You look at me you think I’m depressed; just because of the way I’m dressed
You think my dad or my husband forced me to put it on
But, no dear, you got it wrong, let me tell you something
I’m covered by choice
Not by force
You look at me, and you judge me from the outside, without looking at me deep inside
I’m just like you, with different values
You look at me with fair
Because you can’t see my hair
I’m a covered Muslim
Not all of me you’ll see
You think I’m not free
Stop thinking and judging and try to talk to me
Because if the world feels small
My heart fits many
I might not be the best Muslim
But were all not perfect
I try to be a better person everyday
And if I’m dressed like this
It’s a law from God that I obey
I’m not man’s slave
Its Allah’s pleasure I only crave
I walk down the street
People looking at me and saying I’m not one of them
They think all Muslim women’s have no freedom
Were all human beings
We have to respect each and everyone
White or black
Christian or atheist

Were all different, but yet were all the same.