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The Legacy of the Prophet saw

26 Feb

Have We Forgotten?

16 Feb

Have we forgotten the love Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam had for this ummah?

*Have we forgotten the love Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam had for you and I?

*Have we forgotten the favours and bounties we were blessed with because of Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi 

*Have we forgotten the wounds inflicted by Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam because of you 
and I?

*Have we forgotten the tears that rolled down and that were shed by Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam for this ummah?

*Today we have forgotten and have neglected the teachings of Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam. Today we have no value and we neglect the rights of Nabi SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam. 

*Did he SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam ever neglect us? Did he SalAllahu Alayhi wassalam ever once forget this ummah?


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