Praying for Deceased Non-Muslim

28 Mar

Hello all,

So I am a revert. Which means my whole family are Christians. Which means a few of them have died Christian. Now I’ve been hearing that one cannot pray for the kaafir’s forgiveness after death. I’ve heard it left right and center. From scholars, friends, sheikhs etc. But I still do not accept it. There are three reasons why:

Allah says, “It is not fitting for the Prophet and the believers to pray for the forgiveness of the polytheists, even though they may be near kin (to them) after it has become clear them that they are the people of Hell.” (At-Tawbah: 113)

1) Who knows who goes to hell

This ayah says you must know they are the people of Hell. Now how do I know who’s going to hell or not?? (I believe that only shirk is unforgivable, and there are many Christians who do not practise shirk, or who do not believe in it.) So….unless you’re a polytheist or a pedophile, we can’t really say.

2) Are Christians and Jews and agnostics kaafir

At the end of the day they only worship Allah.

3) My intuition and my image of Allah

My mind tells me no, my heart tells me no, and the Allah who I’ve gotten to know tells me no. So it’s a no for me. I’m praying for my dead non-muslim relatives and it feels so right.

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